About Exogensis

Bioscience Data Cluster Concept ExoSat Concept over Earth

Exogensis is a science as a service and data analytics company focused on delivering global access to automated bioscience research platforms on Earth and eventually in space. We seek to develop the technologies and interfaces that will drive the next revolution in bioscience research and development.

By creating and operating the world's first autonomous bioscience data center, Exogensis aims to greatly expand the synthetic organism development and research capabilities of individual scientists as well as corporations. Currently the two biggest hurdles to the creation of biotech companies are the high cost of labor and expensive laboratory facilities needed to develop the product. By offloading the synthesis and analysis of synthetic organisms to a large cloud based infrastructure the total cost and time for the development of new organisms can be significantly reduced.

Eventually we believe that synthetic biology companies could be started as easily as software startups today, needing only a skilled team and a few computers with internet access. At Exogensis we are actively developing an ecosystem to enable this reality, opening up synthetic biology to more people so that groundbreaking discoveries can be made that will change the world forever.

Exogensis is currently seeking its seed round of funding to develop our initial product line of services and the devices that enable them. We are also actively seeking investors, advisors, and team members to join us on this exciting journey. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team please check out the career section or contact us directly here.