At Exogensis we believe that successful companies start with great cultures. We strive to build a culture that is deeply engaging and exciting for all our team members, a place where hard work and dedication are rewarded and exemplified. We are building a team that seeks out challenges and faces them head on, one that is not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them, and one where everyone has the opportunity to rise up and take the lead.

Core Values

These are the values by which we live and work and represent the fundamental metrics by which we measure ourselves.


We see respect, honesty, and integrity as the foundation of a great team. We believe in doing the right thing especially when no one is looking.


We strive for open communication both internally and with our investors and customers so no one is left in the dark.


Our mission demands continuous interdisciplinary collaboration and having a team that is constantly learning and improving from those interactions.


One of our biggest assets is our creativity as it is the basis upon which all innovations occur. We seek to foster an environment that is supportive of differing ideas and perspectives to constantly improve our offerings.


We are constantly pushing ourselves to achieve results beyond the expectations of ourselves and our customers. Excellence is not something that is simply achieved, but rather a state of being in which you continuously better yourself and your offerings.