Web Based Ecosystem

  • Cloud Based Collaboration Tools
    Forums, development showcase sites, synthetic biology wiki, all focused on enabling users to work together and assist one another.

  • Online Marketplace
    Incentivizes creation of synthetic biological parts, while reducing the amount of repeat work done by companies and individuals.

  • Bioscience Research Interface
    Enables initiation of bioscience research and displays progress, results, and identifies issues experienced during testing.

Science as a Service

  • Synthetic DNA Synthesis
    User generated synthetic DNA is created and verified for shipment to customer or use in other services in house.

  • Transcription of DNA
    Synthetic DNA is transcribed into a vector for future application into organisms and is either shipped to the customer or used in house.

  • Micro Assay Experimentation
    Automated micro assay analysis is performed and the results are displayed via the web interface or in a report that can be downloaded.

Bioscience Data Mining

  • Bioscience Data Collection
    Automated synthetic organism synthesis and research is performed and the data is collected for use in our database.

  • Machine Learning Enhancements
    Machine learning increases the efficiency and efficacy of research to best satisfy objectives set by ourselves and our customers.

  • Automated Data Analysis
    Automating the data analysis closes the loop in the bioscience research process and enables truly continuous research.